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The 2018 LLVM Developers’ Meeting relies on volunteers to keep things running smoothly. Moderators are critical to this as they keep speakers on track and facilitate Q&A after the talk. I’m looking for community members who would be attending specific talks anyway, to volunteer to moderate the session.

If you are interested in volunteering, please respond to this email with your first and second choice session times. You will moderate all talks during that time slot and they will occur back to back in the same room. Moderators introduce the speaker, give the speaker warnings about time, and facilitate Q&A by running microphones. Lightning talks are the exception and you must ensure each speaker stays within the 5 minutes they are given and there is no Q&A. Tutorials may also have a modified format depending upon the speaker.

Full schedule here: https://llvmdev18.sched.com

October 17th
Session 1 (10:30-12:30PM, General Session Rm)
Coroutine Representations and ABIs in LLVM - John McCall
Build Impact of Explicit and C++ Standard Modules - David Blaikie
Efficiently Implementing Runtime Metadata with LLVM  - Doug Gregor, Joe Groff
Sound Devirtualization in LLVM - Krzysztof Pszeniczny, Piotr Padlewski

Session 2 (11:00-12:30PM, Technical Track Rm)
Stories from RV: The LLVM vectorization ecosystem - Simon Moll
Outer Loop Vectorization in LLVM: Current Status and Future Plans - Diego Caballero, Florian Hahn, Satish Guggilla
Extending the SLP vectorizer to support variable vector widths - Vasileios Porpodas

Session 3 (2:00-4:00PM, General Session Rm)
Lightning Talks - Steven Wu, JF Bastien, Steve Scalpone, Paul Robinson, Kirill Bobyrev, Jessica Paquette, Kavon Farvardin, Mikhail R. Gadelha, Stefan Gränitz, Jeremy Bennett, Andrei Homescu
Lightning Talks - Julie Hockett, Hal Finkel, Bharathi Seshadri, Malhar Thakkar, Louis Dionne, Nico Weber, Joshua Magee, Aleksandr Efremov, James Henderson, Konstantina Mitropoulou

Session 4 (2:00-4:00PM,  Technical Track Rm)
LLVM backend development by example (RISC-V) - Alex Bradbury
Register Allocation: More than Coloring - Matthias Braun

Session 5 (4:30-5:30PM, General Session Rm)
Faster, Stronger C++ Analysis with the Clang Static Analyzer - Artem Dergachev, George Karpenkov
Memory Tagging, how it improves C++ memory safety, and what does it mean for compiler optimizations  - Kostya Serebryany

Session 6 (4:30-5:30PM, Technical Track Rm)
Porting Function merging pass to thinlto  - Aditya Kumar
Improving code reuse in clang tools with clangmetatool - Daniel Ruoso

October 18th

Session 7 (9:15AM-10:30AM, General Session Rm)
Glow: LLVM-based machine learning compiler - Roman Levenstein, Jakob Olesen, Nadav Rotem
Graph Program Extraction and Device Partitioning in Swift for TensorFlow - Chris Lattner, Mingsheng Hong

Session 8 (10:00-10:30AM, Technical Track Rm)
Working with Standalone Builds of LLVM sub-projects - Tom Stellard

Session 9 (11:00AM-12:30PM, General Session Rm)
Understanding the performance of code using LLVM's Machine Code Analyzer (llvm-mca) - Andrea Di Biagio, Matt Davis
Profile Guided Function Layout in LLVM and LLD - Michael Spencer
Optimizing Indirections, using abstractions without remorse. - Johannes Doerfert

Session 10 (11:00AM-12:30PM, Technical Track Rm)
Art Class for Dragons: Supporting GPU compilation without metadata hacks! - Neil Hickey
How to use LLVM to optimize your parallel programs tutorial - William S. Moses

Session 11 (2:00PM-3:30PM, General Session Rm)
Lessons Learned Implementing Common Lisp with LLVM over Six Years. - Christian Schafmeister
Implementing an OpenCL compiler for CPU in LLVM - Evgeniy Tyurin
Developer Toolchain for the Nintendo Switch - Bob Campbell

Session 12 (2:00PM-3:30PM, Technical Track Rm)
Loop Transformations in LLVM: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Michael Kruse
Methods for Maintaining OpenMP Semantics without Being Overly Conservative - Xinmin Tian, Ernesto Su
Revisiting Loop Fusion, and its place in the loop transformation framework. - Kit Barton

Session 13 (4:30-5:30, General Session Rm)
Updating ORC JIT for Concurrency - Lang Hames, Breckin Loggins

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