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Thank you for your detailed and helpful response. Since writing that
e-mail, I have done more research about the work being done. I am very
pleased by the excellent progress on the linker, the new wasm file
conventions, and the emergent work on dynamic linking. I think these are
all very positive developments.

A couple of days ago, I did open an issue on the
https://github.com/WebAssembly/tool-conventions/ repository to explore
these issues in more depth:
https://github.com/WebAssembly/tool-conventions/issues/81. Sam responded
and I have responded back to him. Although I am pleased with what's been
accomplished, there are a few areas where I hope we can do better, both in
terms of the architecture's features and the way we communicate them.

These are important issues, and I am willing to take the time to exchange
perspectives and feedback in detail. I am also willing to write helpful
documentation and/or contribute to LLVM code changes if that too would be


On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 5:43 AM Derek Schuff <dschuff at google.com> wrote:

> +Sam Clegg <sbc at google.com>, +Wouter van Oortmerssen <wvo at google.com>
> Hi Jonathan,
> A lot has changed with the wasm backend since LLVM v5! One of the reasons
> we remained an experimental target was that the interfaces (e.g. the text
> and binary formats, and the LLVM APIs) were not stable or well-documented.
> We have been investing a lot of work in these formats since then; for
> example LLVM's wasm object file format and lld support for static linking
> are now feature-complete and mostly documented (
> https://github.com/WebAssembly/tool-conventions/blob/master/Linking.md).
> Our plan is to additionally document the C ABI and declare it (and the
> object file format) as "version 1" by the LLVM 8.0 release in hopes of
> keeping that version stable. LLVM's wasm text assembly format is currently
> under active development and I wouldn't consider the text format in either
> LLVM v7 or current trunk to be stable. We also hope to have some stability
> for it by LLVM 8.0.
> With respect to the details of symbol visibility and exports, there are
> some details about that that we are currently hashing out, as we are
> currently designing and implementing dynamic linking to go with our static
> linking support. I think there wasm will always have some differences
> compared to the model used by e.g. ELF/COFF/MachO. One reason is that wasm
> includes the notion of having (a specified set of) symbols exported from a
> finally-linked binary; in wasm this is used to export a set of functions to
> the external environment (e.g. JavaScript). ELF has --export-dynamic but I
> think that's probably not enough control for the web use case.
> We definitely do want to enable control over the visibility and export of
> public functions (at the source, IR, and linker level). For the IR I'd
> expect this would be reflected as attributes on functions or GlobalValues,
> which should be controllable via the LLVM APIs.
> In any case we'd be interested in hearing about your feedback or use
> cases; most of the discussion about the conventions used by LLVM and
> related tools are on the GitHub repo we use for our docs:
> https://github.com/WebAssembly/tool-conventions/. Feel free to file an
> issue or chime in on an existing one.
> Best,
> -Derek
> On Sat, Nov 17, 2018 at 2:04 AM Jonathan Goodwin via llvm-dev <
> llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org> wrote:
>> Using LLVM v5, my Cone compiler (https://github.com/jondgoodwin/cone)
>> automatically directly generated all functions as named and exported for
>> both wasm text and binary files (not using clang/lld etc, but using the
>> API).
>> Upgrading to LLVM v7, generated wasm object files now fail, exhibiting
>> markedly different behavior, behavior that varies between the text and
>> binary files. For example, the binary wasm file (only) now automatically
>> adds two import directives that were not there before. More importantly,
>> function names, visible in the wat file, are stripped from the binary wasm
>> file and are not exported. It seems as if LLVM webassembly codegen has
>> acted as if the linker were at play and had defaulted to options like:
>> -fvisibility=hidden, -W1, --import-memory etc.
>> Is there a way to programmatically (via the LLVM APIs) alter this default
>> behavior, so that I can make public functions once again visible and
>> exported?  Also, is there documentation somewhere that describes these and
>> other breaking changes in the way that LLVM v7  now generates webassembly
>> object files?
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