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Wed May 2 11:46:40 PDT 2018

You know, to this day I have never been able to bring myself to inform
employers that I'm gay.  The humiliation is just too much.  It used to be
that people hid homosexuality so they wouldn't get fired.  Why should I
have to disclose personal information just to satisfy some dumb diversity

For most of my 20s I was told I was a worthless over-privileged white male
who deserved the discrimination (as in, total exclusion from paid
employment) I faced in the labor market.  Often from people who had high
incomes.  People don't know what it's like to live in that sort of fear, to
wonder if next year you'll be living on the street or as a prostitute, just
for being born to the wrong ethnic group.

There are 200 million "white" people in America and, what, twice that
number in Europe? How many "white" ethnic groups are there?  I mean, in
some places Chinese, Korean and Japanese are now "white" ethnicities.  What
kind of idiot thinks hundreds of millions of highly diverse people
(ethnically, religiously, culturally) can all be unfairly privileged at
once?  There's something disgustingly racist about the idea that white
people are so awesome as to never have conflicts with each other.
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