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Thu Jun 21 01:38:10 PDT 2018

Adding llvm-dev back in to keep a record.

On Thu, 21 Jun 2018 at 08:27, ComputerFreak <caool at naver.com> wrote:
> So this means I can match the Node with my personal Node Pattern?

If I understand you right, yes.

> Im confusing on this because the LLVM has their own store pattern. So I first thought I have to match the original pattern first and then change into my own pattern.
> Like matching
> store i32 3, i32* %ptr
> first, and then change that %ptr value into register and immediate value.

The IR you'd be matching would actually be something like this

   %offset.ptr = getelementptr i32, i32* %ptr, i32 42
   store i32 3, i32* %offset.ptr

When LLVM converts these two instructions to SelectionDAG they'll
become a store node that uses an add node as its pointer
(getelementptr is really just a fancy way to offset pointers). I've
attached a screenshot of the output from "llc -view-isel-dags" on a
simple test program; notice that the store node (labeled t8) points to
an add.

When you write the pattern I gave in my last e-mail that's what you're
telling the instruction selector to look for: (store GPR:$rs2, (add
GPR:$rs1, simm12:$imm12)). The $rs2 matches t5, $rs1 matches t2 (GPRs
can match anything of the right type), and the $imm12 matches the t3
(the Constant<168>).


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