[llvm-dev] Node deletion during DAG Combination ?

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Tim wrote:
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> So there are 3 steps:
> 1. Add the incoming chain of the load you highlighted as an operand to
> this new combined node.
> 2. Create the combined node with an output chain too (essentially just
> an extra MVT::Other output value).

Steps 1 and 2 have been implemented. t72 has now Chain output.

    t73: ch = CLPISD::STORE_VECTOR_INSERT_oo t53:1, FrameIndex:i16<1>, t53, Constant:i16<1>
  t57: v2f32,ch = load<Volatile LD8[%l1]> t73, FrameIndex:i16<0>, undef:i16
                    t58: v2f32,ch = load<Volatile LD8[%l1]> t57:1, FrameIndex:i16<0>, undef:i16
                    t72: f32,ch = CLPISD::LOAD_VECTOR_EXTRACT_o t57:1, FrameIndex:i16<0>, Constant:i16<0>
                  t62: ch = llvm.clp.writeapb.f32 t58:1, TargetConstant:i16<397>, Constant:i32<24575>, t72

> 3. Manually call SelectionDAG::ReplaceAllUsesWith to replace all uses
> of the load node's chain with this new one because the generic
> combining logic only knows about the extract being combined. It can't
> automatically tell you've also fiddled about with a load further up
> the DAG.

SelectionDAG::ReplaceAllUsesWith() was the API I was looking for…
But I have a problem with the 3 implementations of the SelectionDAG::ReplaceAllUsesWith().
They checks somehow the congruency of the returned values types….
t58 returns first a v2f32 while t72 return first a f32 ! This raises assertion. ☹
I understand such type constraint for general substitution, but in this case the only reference to t58 is the chain from t62.



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