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> To make matters worse, every time a component gets upgraded (internal
> library, extrernal library or even the tool-chain, including clang), there
> is a high probability of firefighting issues. Only when that fails, I spent
> time logging a bug (as creduce doesn't work on my system).

I'm assuming you're on Windows.  If you're on Windows 10 you can use
creduce under WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and have it call Windows
binaries.  You just need to make a change to make_tmpdir to use a temp
directory that Windows programs have access to.  I changed mine to:

sub make_tmpdir () {
    my $dir = File::Temp::tempdir("creduce-XXXXXX",
                                  $SAVE_TEMPS ? (CLEANUP => 0) : (CLEANUP
=> 1),
                                  #DIR => File::Spec->tmpdir);
                                  DIR => "/mnt/d/temp/");
    push @tmpdirs, $dir;
    return $dir;

Which points to D:\temp which I created for this purpose.  I know zero Perl
so I haven't made a proper patch to upstream, but hopefully this helps if
you ever need to reduce in the future.

- Michael Spencer
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