[llvm-dev] Success: Bring-up of LLVM/clang-built Linux ARM(32-bit) kernel for Android - Nexus 5

Jean-Michaël Celerier via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jun 14 15:16:54 PDT 2018

> The main advantage of the clang-built Android ARM(32-bit) hammerhead
kernel for my Nexus 5 has been the better battery usage when compared to
that of gcc-built kernel, with the same kernel config and hardware(my Nexus
5 Android Smartphone). Details of the same can be found below.

To be fair, the GCC version which comes with the android ndk has not been
updated for four years, while the clang version is kept up-to-date. It
would be interesting to compare clang and GCC latest releases instead...
that's where the future lies :p

Jean-Michaël Celerier
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