[llvm-dev] [lldb-dev] Adding DWARF5 accelerator table support to llvm

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Mon Jun 18 09:54:12 PDT 2018

> Greg wrote:
> > Pavel wrote:
> > That said, having DWARF be able to represent the template member
> > functions in an abstract way also sounds like nice thing to have from
> > a debug info format.
> Yes, that would be great, but will require DWARF changes and is much more
> long term.

I'm curious what utility this has, other than tidying up the Clang AST
interface part (because you know what templates exist inside the class).
I mean, you can't instantiate new functions; and if you're trying to
call an existing instance, you have to go find it anyway, in whichever
CU it happens to have been instantiated.

Feel free to start a new thread if this is straying too far from the
discussion that already strayed from the original topic. :-)

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