[llvm-dev] RFC: Bug-closing protocol

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Tue Jun 12 07:51:35 PDT 2018

TL;DR: It's okay to close a bug, if you can justify it properly.

Recently there has been a spate of bug-closing with what I would call
inadequate documentation.  Comments such as "Obsolete?" or "I assume 
it's fixed" could be applied to nearly every open bug we have.  While 
this does reduce the open bug count--something I have been watching 
with morbid fascination for years--I do fear that the reduction is
potentially artificial, and incorrectly puts the onus on the original
bug author to reopen the case.

I suggest that closing a bug can be done IF AND ONLY IF you also state
one of the following:
- that revision NNNNNN actually fixed the bug
- that the bug cannot be reproduced with revision NNNNNN
- that the circumstances for the bug don't apply anymore; e.g.,
  "This is about the makefiles and we don't use makefiles anymore."
- sound reasons for not fixing something (WONTFIX)
- some specific and plausible reason to think that a given bug is
  otherwise inapplicable or obsolete

In particular, "Obsolete?" and "I assume it's fixed" are NOT enough
justification to close a bug.

If people are okay with this, I'd expect adding a new section to the
Developer Policy is probably the right place to put it.

Comments/brickbats welcome...

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