[llvm-dev] Proper method to initialize all LLVM Internal Data Structures?

Zhang via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jun 11 21:59:23 PDT 2018

I'm building a small tool on top of LLVM Core Library.

LLVMContext context;
SMDiagnostic diag;
Module *M = parseIRFile(InputIR, diag, context).get();
  if (M == nullptr) {
    diag.print("LLVM", errs());
  assert(M->isMaterialized() && "Module not materialized!");
  PointerType *ArrayPtrTy =

However this piece of code crashes at Module::getTypeByName because getContext().pImpl is NULL pointer. Other similar issues include Module::getTypeByName results in a NULL pointer dereference because TheTable in StringMap is not allocated/initialized.

It would be great if someone could show me what's the correct way to initialize all this kind of internal data structures so I could focus on my tool's logic
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