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The goal is to create a function call graph with the names of the functions, and the graph should include indirect calls too. I looked and saw that LLVM supports a metadata type called ‘callees’, but I don’t see that it’s currently being implemented by clang. Will this eventually be used?





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Sounds like maybe you're trying to do something at a level where it's not going to be practical - what's your overall goal?

But no, at the LLVM IR level you can't get the name of a virtual function being called - as you've seen, it's a dynamic call through a table of function pointers & at LLVM's level, those functions could have any names (or none at all - or at least none that makes sense in this translation unit/module because it's a local symbol in some other module).


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I have been implementing a CallGraphSCCPass that analyzes each function invocation. Direct calls are not a problem, but currently I also need to retrieve the name of the function in the case of virtual method calls. For example:


struct A {

    A() {}

    virtual foo() {}

    virtual ~A() {}



int main() {

    A* a = new A;




In the pass, I can determine the name of the indirect call by using CallInst::getCalledValue(), but that doesn’t give any information on the actual method that is being called, which should be foo(). The only “name” I can get is the type of the class, in which this case is class.A.


Is there any way I can get the name of the virtual method (foo) that is being invoked? It isn’t in the bitcode except for when it is defined. I tried taking a look at the whole-program-devirt source but can’t find where they are actually finding the names of the functions when building the virtual tables for each class.


I would greatly appreciate any help on this and if it is possible at all.




Ben Fu 


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