[llvm-dev] Sub-optimal register allocation

Mohamed Aly via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jun 7 17:06:56 PDT 2018


I am using Halide​, and trying to generate a simplified version of the
inner kernel in a GEMM operation, similar to this
Basically it multiplies a 12x1 column vector with a 1x4 row vector and
updates an accumulator cell of size 12x4. I am targeting 32-bit ARM NEON.

Ideally, all the accumulators and operands should fit in the q registers,
without spilling to the stack. However, the generated ARM assembly uses the
registers in a sub-optimal way, and keeps spilling registers onto the stack
and reloading them.

The relevant part of the LLVM IR is here
and the corresponding arm32 assembly is here

​Any help to how to solve this, or what might be causing it, will be
greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,
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