[llvm-dev] How to get optimization remarks while testing with lnt in llvm

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Tue Jun 5 14:41:32 PDT 2018


> On 4 Jun 2018, at 21:49, CHINNAM KRISHNA CHAITANYA via llvm-dev <llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org> wrote:
> Hi, I'm new to llvm and am trying to run benchmarks from the test-suite using lnt to check loop-vectorization for various benchmarks. 
> Test are compiling and executing fine, but I am not getting optimization remarks while using flags like -Rpass-missed=loop-vectorize and -Rpass-analysis=loop-vectorize
> I've tried running it like this:
>     lnt runtest test-suite --sandbox SANDBOX --cc /usr/local/bin/clang --test-suite ~/llvm_tests/llvm-test-suite/ --only-test SingleSource/UnitTests/Vectorizer/ --only-compile --use-lit ~/llvm/utils/lit/lit.py --cflag '-O3' --cflag '-fvectorize' --cflag '-Rpass-missed=loop-vectorize' --cflag '-Rpass-analysis=loop-vectorize' -j 70
> This isn't causing any compilation fails, but I haven't been able to get the optimization remarks (either to terminal or to the logs). I've gone through all files generated in SANDBOX for the particular test (using grep to search for the remarks)
> Is it possible to get optimization remarks at all? Or is there some other way to do this?

clang -fsave-optimization-record should generate a .opt.yaml file with all the optimization remarks emitted.

You can then read these with the opt-viewer tool (tools/opt-viewer), or just open the YAML files.

Let me know if you run into any issues,


> Any help is appreciated, thank you.
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