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Fri Jun 1 06:00:14 PDT 2018


The table generated by lld (Wasm target) have a max size.

So this make impossible to add some others functions in the table .

As for the moment only one Table is available in WAsm this is the only way
to add function in a dynamic way.

Having a none static size of the table is useful for a kind dynamic
loader/inker at run-time: by adding some exported functions coming from
another modules in the table, so call_indirect can call dynamically some
function coming from another wasm module.

So I am wondering if the static size of the table have a specific goal ?

If not did you think the WASM_LIMITS_FLAG_HAS_MAX can be remove ?


 void Writer::createTableSection() {


WasmLimits Limits = {WASM_LIMITS_FLAG_HAS_MAX, TableSize, TableSize};

Thks in advance,

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