[llvm-dev] SPIRV-LLVM as an external tool

Tomeu Vizoso via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Feb 21 00:15:34 PST 2018


for a few months already I have been asking around for opinions on how
people could best work together on Khronos' SPIR-V <-> LLVM-IR converter
and some consensus seems to have formed.

Most of the people I talked to favored having the converter become an
external tool within the LLVM project, similar to libclc. I think that
the LLVM project's processes, infrastructure and community form the best
place for this collaboration to happen.

I hope that having the converter as part of LLVM can help expand LLVM's
value proposition in heterogeneous computing, in part by complementing
the OpenCL C backend in clang.

Thus I would like to ask what the LLVM community needs to see from us
before SPIRV-LLVM can be accepted as an external tool, if at all.



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