[llvm-dev] [GSOC 2018] Information gathering

Paul Semel via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Feb 20 14:51:34 PST 2018


I'm Paul Semel, a French student in computer science. I am currently in 
my 4th year (1st year of graduate school) at EPITA and enrolled in the 
system and security laboratory of the school.

I would be very interested in working on a LLVM project during this 
GSoC. Implementing a PoC for an unsequenced modification checker in CSA 
helped me discover LLVM. However, I would like to dive deeper in this 

I've seen some of the proposals, and I would like to ask a few questions 
about two of those.

As you might have guessed, I have some interest in the checker for 
dangling string pointers :

- Do you think it would help if I kept working on improving my 
unsequenced modification checker to get more familiar with Clang Static 
Analyzer ?

I'm also interested in the command line replacements for GNU Binutils :

- What tools would you like to replace in priority ?
- Does this subject imply to add options/features to some of the tools, 
or is it only about handling command line ?

Thank you very much,

Paul Semel

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