[llvm-dev] Advice for Porting SafeStack to New Pass Manager

Fedor Sergeev via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sat Dec 29 11:59:17 PST 2018

On 12/28/18 10:09 PM, Leonard Chan via llvm-dev wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm in the process of creating a pass for the new PM for SafeStack
> which is only available as a part of the legacy PM. The only thing
> bugging me is in regards to the TargetPassConfig analysis. Whereas
> most other passes/analyses I have seen separate the logic between the
> actual pass and anything it does to the IRUnits it runs over are in 2
> separate classes, TargetPassConfig has them both in the same class and
> many other analysis inherit from this class as well. I also do not
> think this analysis has a new PM equivalent.
My knowledge on Codegen is close to being non-existent, but as far as I see
there is no New-PM equivalent for CodeGen passes/analyses at all.

And as Chandler and others told me, NewPM CodeGen work not yet done 
fleshing out a "new-style" IRUnit support for MachineIR (Pass/Analysis 
Managers for those).
You can surely convert some Codegen FunctionPass'es into NewPM,
but you wont be able to create a fully operational CodeGen pipeline w/o 
a MachineIR.

(this is not to discourage your effort on doing the port though :) ...

> My question is what would be the correct way to proceed with porting
> TargetPassConfig to the new PM? Normally, what I have done before and
> what I have seen from other examples is to separate the logic of what
> the pass does to an IRUnit and the pass itself into 2 separate
> classes, then an instance of the class that contains the logic can be
> owned by a pass for the new PM. The only trouble I see with this is
> that this will require a lot of refactoring (that I started but
> haven't finished), since TargetPassConfig is the parent to many other
> passes/analyses and these classes override many virtual methods in
> TargetPassConfig, so it may not be the cleanest solution and
> potentially prone to a lot of error.
When possible separation of IR analysis/transformation logic from the 
pass/analysis housekeeping provides a cleanest way to share code between 
legacy and newpm
while avoiding any ill dependencies.
In some cases this was done by NewPM pass instance reusing the 
LegacyPass class
as an instance that does the actual transformation.

Yet, as I  scan through TargetPassConfig, it looks more like a 
PassBuilder/PassManager rather
than an analysis.

> Another potential idea which I am exploring in parallel to the first
> is to instead make the existing TargetPassConfig also a pass that
> works with the new PM by adding a run() method. This seems like less
> work, but feels incorrect since I'm shoving more things into this
> class.
Lets first decide if it should be a pass/analysis at all :).
And if we ever decide that way then adding ::run to it would be the 
least comfortable solution to me.

best regards,

> Any opinions on this?
> Thanks,
> Leonard Chan
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