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> There haven't been many more responses in the last few days, so can we
> try to come to some kind of consensus here?

Can we please just get the repo up? I've been waiting two months since it
was promised, told bosses I'd have a permanent git repo of llvm up where
the hashes were never going to change under people again etc.

The remaining discussion seems to be about tags and branch names. Neither
of those changes hashes of commits or trees or blobs. Both can be fiddled
with after the fact without affecting anything else.

> 1. Release tags.  There were a lot of small variation on the tag names for
> releases,
> but it seems like the preferences was to use the llvm.org prefix,
> so I'm going to propose using tag names like:
> llvm.org-8.0.0
> llvm.org-8.0.0-rc1


> 2. Tags for commits in the master branch that bump the release version.
> Most of the discussion about this so far has been on what to put after
> the version number (e.g. v8.0.0-dev, v8.0.0-base, v8.0.0-branchpoint).
> Other things to consider about this tag is that it might be used in
> a git describe alias to identify commits, so it would be helpful if
> it was short.
> One idea I had after reading through all the responses was to use the
> -git suffix on the tags. e.g. v8.0.0-git.  It's short and it's clear
> that you are getting something that isn't an official release.  It
> also is similar to the 8.0.0svn version number that we currently use
> to indicate a non-released version.  Which of these 4 options(
> dev, base, branchpoint, git) do people prefer?

Any. Even keeping 8.0.0svn would make some tools simpler.

> 3. Branch names:
> It seems like there is some preference to include the minor version number
> in the release branch, so any strong objections to using
> release/7.0.x as the branch naming?

Actually, I do object to that.

A release branch is something that doesn't get any new features, only
bug/security fixes. When you start along the release/7.0 branch you will
find tags for 7.0.1, 7.0.2 etc but it remains the 7.0 *branch*.

Also: is that .0 *ever* again going to be incremented? Not as far as I
know. It probably should have been dropped at release/4

Also: I haven't seen anyone bike-shedding whether the tags should be
annotated tags or lightweight tags. I don't think that's because everyone
knows the difference and implicitly agrees on the answer :-) :-)

The answer (in any public repo, really) should be annotated tags, so they
include the committer name and the date.
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