[llvm-dev] should we do this time-consuming transform in InstCombine?

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Mon Dec 17 23:18:31 PST 2018


There is an opportunity in instCombine for following instruction pattern:

%mul = mul nsw i32 %b, %a
%cmp = icmp sgt i32 %mul, -1
%sub = sub i32 0, %a
%mul2 = mul nsw i32 %sub, %b
%cond = select i1 %cmp, i32 %mul, i32 %mul2

Source code for above pattern:
   return (a*b) >=0 ? (a*b) : -a*b;

Currently, llvm(-O3) can not recognize this as abs(a*b).

I initially think we could do this in instCombine phase in opt. Below is
what I think:

%res = OP i32 %b, %a
%sub = sub i32 0, %b
%res2 = OP i32 %sub, %a

We could do the transform:
%res2 = OP i32 %sub, %a   ==>  %res2 = sub i32 0, %res

Then we can get the advantage:
1: if %res2 is the only user of %sub, %sub can be eliminated;
2: if %res2 is not the only user of %sub, we could change some heavy
instruction like div to sub;
3: expose more abs opportunity for later pass.

But my concern is finding %res is a little compiling time-consuming.
At least we need MIN(user_count(%b), user_count(%a)) times to check if
instruction with same opcode and same operands exists.

Could you guys give some comment? Is there any better idea for this


Chen Zheng
Power Compiler Backend Developer
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