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I am on the hook to instrument a piece of legacy LLVM IR code, and then we
are planning to feed to the SeaHorn framework for some model checking tasks.

After the instrumentation, I tried to use llc (version 3.9) to compile the
IR code, and it works fine. However, when I try to use llc (version 3.8.1,
the default llvm version of SeaHorn) to compile the IR code, it shows the
following error:

LLVM ERROR: Unsupported library call operation!

I can dig into the IR code and do some "alpha debugging" to see which part
of the IR leads to such issue; however, our legacy code is quite large so
it could take a while.. Also, I really have no idea on what is "library
call operation".. Does it mean some external declared functions? In the IR
code we have quite a lot of that.

So could anyone shed some light on this? What would be the general cause of
this issue? Thank you. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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