[llvm-dev] Using LLD to link against third-party libraries? How?

David Chisnall via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Dec 14 02:10:15 PST 2018

On 12/12/2018 16:16, Osman Zakir via llvm-dev wrote:
> I need them so I can build stuff using clang or clang-cl with its C++ 
> standard libraries.  To make sure that lld-link won't give errors about 
> missing symbols from any standard libraries.

Looking at your linker errors, it looks as if this is the root of the 
problem.  Different C++ standard library implementations may be source 
compatible, but they are *not* binary compatible.  If you have compiled 
some library with the native toolchain (or downloaded a pre-built 
library built with the native toolchain) then all of its interfaces that 
use standard library types will depend on the version from your Visual 
Studio C++ standard library.  When you compile with libc++, you will get 
undefined symbols in your binary that refer to versions of these 
functions using the libc++ versions of the same source-language types. 
When you try to link this with the library, it will fail because the 
library doesn't expose those symbols.

If you want to link C++ libraries, you need to make sure that they were 
compiled and linked with the same C++ standard library.  On Windows, 
most native libraries expose either C or COM interfaces to avoid any 
dependency at the boundary on C++ library types.


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