[llvm-dev] Using LLD to link against third-party libraries? How?

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I already mentioned what flag I tried.  It's in the first email in this thread.  And I want to link against Boost.System and the Jinja2Cpp library (the latter's documentation can be found here: https://github.com/flexferrum/Jinja2Cpp .  And I also have some GUI applications using FLTK as well that I want to try to build using LLVM as well, so I'll have to know how to link against FLFK's libraries too.

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That depends on the library that you'd like to link against, it's usually in the documentation of that project.

What project are you trying to link and what linker flags have you tried so far?


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I add the -fuse-ld=lld flag to the compiler command line itself.   And I included LLD when I built LLVM (I checked out the mono repo and built that version).

What command line arguments should I pass to LLD when I want to link against third-party libraries?  That's what I'm asking.
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