[llvm-dev] Testing compiler reliability using Csmith

Radu Ometita via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Dec 6 22:15:21 PST 2018

Hello everyone!

We are working on writing a paper about testing the reliability of C compilers by using Csmith (a random C99 program generator).

A previous testing effort, using Csmith, found 202 LLVM bugs, which represented 2% of all reported bugs at that time (PDF: https://www.flux.utah.edu/download?uid=114 <https://www.flux.utah.edu/download?uid=114>): . However, after this paper was published we are unaware of any further testing using Csmith, and we would like to ask you if you are aware of any such efforts or further results.

Best regards,
Radu Ometita,
Functional compilers engineer @IOHK
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