[llvm-dev] New to LLVM. Need help generating assembly

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Wed Dec 5 19:22:50 PST 2018

I'm new to LLVM and need some help. I defined an instruction to increment the stack pointer by 'amount' (i.e. sp = sp + amount). During assembly generation, the string that gets emitted is "ADS $SP"  rather than "ADS 10", for example, if I want to increment it by 10.

Can somebody show me what I'm doing wrong?

def ADS: F_J<0b100001,(outs),(ins i32imm:$amount),"ADS $amount",[(set SP, (add SP, i32imm:$amount))] > {

        bits<10> amount;

        let Inst{9-0} = amount;
        let isReMaterializable = 1;
        let mayLoad = 0;
        let mayStore = 0;
        let Defs = [SP];
        let Uses = [SP];
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