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Wed Aug 29 12:56:43 PDT 2018

Greetings LLVM Developers,

My name is Kazuo, I’m the head of the largest Silicon Graphics IRIX community on the internet. I’m approaching this mailing list to see if any MIPS developers who hang out here are interested in developing the LLVM/Clang Compiler system for IRIX.

There’s a growing need as GCC removed support for us from 4.8, over six years ago and since then we’ve absolutely languished as a community with a growing number of FOSS that refuses to compile using the native CC or the version of GCC we have. 

I can’t offer any money to anyone interested, but we have a quad CPU R16000 Origin 350 that is SSH-accessible and we would happily offer access to that for anyone who wanted to help us. 

Unfortunately, we lack anyone in our community with significant compiler experience to do this ourselves, and I’m more of a sysadmin/minor code hacker than a developer. 

Anyone who is interested can let me know,  the SGI community would be grateful for any help at all!

Kazuo Kuroi

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