[llvm-dev] Size of produced binaries when compiling llvm & clang sources

Manuel Yguel via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Apr 27 08:21:57 PDT 2018

Dear llvm developpers,
I followed the tutorial to build llvm and clang provided here:

The sources are in sync with subversion repository, and I ended up with
more than 30GB of binaries in llvm/bin as shown at the end of this message.

I assume I did something wrong, but I did not find any entry in the doc
that helps me understand how to reduce the size of the binaries produced.

Is this normal ? Does any one has some hint to prevent this ?

Here are the sizes of the binaries:

1.9G clang-7
 1.6G clang-check
 1.2G clang-tidy
 1.1G opt
 1.1G bugpoint
 1.1G llvm-lto
 1.1G llvm-lto2
1018M llc
1015M c-index-test
 992M dsymutil
 992M llvm-isel-fuzzer
 989M llvm-opt-fuzzer
 987M llvm-dwp
 937M llvm-c-test
 653M clang-import-test
 512M clangd
 493M arcmt-test
 484M lli
 480M clang-query
 473M clang-refactor
 469M clang-move
 468M global-symbol-builder
 467M clang-change-namespace
 464M tool-template
 464M clang-rename
 462M clang-reorder-fields
 460M find-all-symbols
 456M clang-doc
 452M clang-include-fixer
 444M modularize
 443M clang-func-mapping
 442M clang-diff
 441M libToolingExample00
 438M pp-trace
 434M diagtool
 184M llvm-cfi-verify
 170M llvm-objdump
 168M sancov
 158M llvm-rtdyld
 149M llvm-ar
 148M llvm-nm
 145M llvm-extract
 145M llvm-link
 142M llvm-dwarfdump
 141M llvm-split
 131M llvm-mc
 127M llvm-pdbutil
 126M clang-offload-bundler
 122M llvm-mca
 121M verify-uselistorder
 121M llvm-cat
 120M llvm-as
 117M llvm-special-case-list-fuzzer
 117M llvm-demangle-fuzzer
 116M llvm-modextract
 114M obj2yaml
 112M llvm-xray
 105M sanstats
 105M llvm-symbolizer
  96M llvm-readobj
  93M llvm-cov
  90M lli-child-target
  86M llvm-cxxdump
  85M llvm-objcopy
  83M llvm-cvtres
  82M llvm-size
  76M clang-apply-replacements
  75M clang-format
  64M llvm-diff
  59M llvm-dis
  53M llvm-stress
  50M llvm-tblgen
  48M llvm-profdata
  31M yaml2obj
  17M clang-tblgen

- regards,

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