[llvm-dev] [RFC] ASan: patches to support 32-byte shadow granularity

Walter Lee via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Oct 31 14:29:26 PDT 2017

I've prepared a preliminary set of patches that makes ASan work with
32-byte shadow granularity, and I would like to get some feedback on
those patches as well as my general plan.

Some background: I am porting ASan to the Myriad platform.  I'm
looking to break up that port into components that may be
useful/relevant to other platforms -- the first of those pieces is the
ability to use a coarser shadow granularity.  This is important for us
because Myriad has a limited amount of physical memory and no virtual
memory, so it is important to limit the amount of shadow memory

My end-goal for this part is to be able to configure a build that
overrides the default shadow granularity, that can cleanly run the
clang/llvm test suite for 32-byte shadow granularity on i386/x86_64,
so we can set up buildbot for that configuration.

My basic plan:
1. Add build support to override of default shadow scale.
2. Fix various issues with 32-byte shadow granularity.
3. Propose improvements to 32-byte shadow granularity support.
4. Make test suite run cleanly for 32-byte shadow granularity.
5. Set up build bot for 32-byte shadow granularity on i386/x86_64.

My initial set of patches adds the build support and makes some
essential fixes to the compiler and run-time.  They are:

https://reviews.llvm.org/D39469 [asan] Add cmake hook to override
default shadow scale
https://reviews.llvm.org/D39470 [asan] Fix size/alignment issues with
non-default shadow scale
https://reviews.llvm.org/D39471 [asan] Fix small X86_64 ShadowOffset
for non-default shadow scale
https://reviews.llvm.org/D39472 [asan] Ensure that the minimum redzone
https://reviews.llvm.org/D39473 [sanitizers] Increase alignment of low
level allocator
https://reviews.llvm.org/D39474 [asan] Avoid assert failure for
non-default shadow scale
https://reviews.llvm.org/D39475 [asan] Improve stack error reports for
large shadow granularity

The following features don't work yet, but can be fixed:

- i386/x86_64 assembly instrumentation.

- Prelink support.  The memory map with MidMem for this configuration
  is more complicated that that expected by compiler_rt.  The current
  HighShadow would overlap with MidMem so would need to be adjusted.
  It's not clear to me that whether is an important feature?

- Intra object overflow.  This appears to be an experimental feature,
  and I have not ported the padding insertion for different

Some features will not work as well with the larger shadow

- Stack errors: it seems sensible not to insert 32-byte sentinels
  between every object, but the result is that some stack overflow
  gets reported as unknown or use-after-scope.  I have a patch that
  improves on the default behavior, but there remains cases where the
  error reports will not be as good.

- __asan_poison_memory_region is now more limited.  A typical case
  that doesn't work is the poisoning of 8-byte or 16-byte that maps to
  the middle of a shadow byte.

For testing, I have a few questions:

- Would it make sense to provide an internal compiler flag to set the
  shadow granularity, so that there we can at least run the
  instrumentation tests for 32-byte granularity in normal builds?

- Is there a reasonable subset of tests I can port to 32-byte
  granularity to provide reasonable coverage, or should I aim to port
  all tests?

For now, I've tested my changes against check-all (for default shadow
granularity), and also set up a 32-byte shadow granularity build and
manually inspected the failures to ensure that they are not



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