[llvm-dev] Using Scalar Evolution to Identify Expressions Evolving in terms of Loop induction variables

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Thu Nov 30 20:50:26 PST 2017


I am using Scalar Evolution to extract access expressions (for load and store instructions) in terms of the loop induction variables.
I observe that the Scalar Evolution analysis is returning more expressions than I expect - including ones that are not defined
in terms of the loop induction variable. For instance in the following code:

for(unsigned long int bid = 0; bid < no_of_queries; bid++){

    unsigned long int currNode = no_of_nodes / 2;
    // process levels of the tree
    for(int i = 0; i < logN; i++){

      if((knodes[currNode].key) > keys[bid]){
        currNode = knodes[currNode].left_id;
      else if ((knodes[currNode].key) < keys[bid]){
        currNode = knodes[currNode].right_id;

I expect to extract a SCEV expression for the variable *keys*, however, using ScalarEvolution I also get an expression
(using SE->getSCEV) for *knodes*. Since *knodes* does not evolve in terms of the loop induction variable I wasn't expecting to receive a SCEV
expression for it. Can anyone please point out how SCEV expressions evolving in terms of the loop induction variable
can be distinguished from expressions that are not.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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