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W dniu 10.03.2017, pią o godzinie 17∶17 -0500, użytkownik Juan Ceasar
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> Hi All,
> I’m being a complete newbie on this one but how do I generate the OCaml bindings?  I saw an old google post using “configure —enable-bindings=ocaml” but we don’t use configure anymore (I’m building 3.9.1) and if I just do a regular build (optimized) then I don’t see any bindings in my build directory….
> Any ideas?

So, to get OCaml bindings built you just have to have all necessary
dependencies installed while building LLVM, and it should auto-enable
itself. This means ocaml, ocaml-ctypes and findlib. If you want to run
tests, you also need ounit.

I think LLVM is also installable via OPAM these days.

Disclaimer: I'm not an OCaml expert, just had to deal with installing it

Best regards,
Michał Górny
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