[llvm-dev] llvm: How to get the call graph for a module of external node

Ketan Patil via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jul 27 10:03:11 PDT 2017

I am having a program lets consider myProgram.c which uses some library
(user created library) lets say myLibrary.

#include "myLibrary.h"'

int main()
    //call some function in myLibrary lets say foo

Now when I have created a module pass. And I am generating call graph. Now
in the call graph generated there is a node for the function foo() as

Call graph node for function: 'foo'<<0x951d300>> #uses=3 CS<0x0> calls
external node.

Now I want all the functions which will be called by this foo in the

Is it possible? Can I get the call graph of myLibrary through the call
graph node of the function foo in myProgram.c

Thanks and regards
-Ketan Patil
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