[llvm-dev] Are there some strong naming conventions in TableGen?

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Thu Jul 27 05:22:57 PDT 2017

For the development of a new micro-controller backend, I try to lowering the following store SDNode:   t5: ch = store<ST2[%ptr2](align=4)> t0, Constant:i16<3>, FrameIndex:i16<1>, undef:i16
I have defined the following instruction and associated DAG pattern.
            def MOVSUTO_A_i32o : CLPFPU_A_i32o_Inst<0b1000001101,
                                                (ins IMM16Operand:$ImmA,FPUaOffsetOperand:$OffsetB),
                                                (outs ),
                                                [(store (i16 IMM16Operand:$ImmA), FPUaOffsetOperand:$OffsetB)],NoItinerary>;

While building CLPGenDAGISel.inc, I got the following error:
Unknown leaf kind: IMM16Operand:i16:$ImmA
#7 0x00000000005210a1 (anonymous namespace)::MatcherGen::EmitLeafMatchCode(llvm::TreePatternNode const*) /home/dte/Projects/CLP/clp-llvm/trunk/llvm-project/llvm/utils/TableGen/DAGISelMatcherGen.cpp:286:0
While looking the DAGISelMatcherGen.cpp around line 286 (version 3.8.0), I've found such a kind of code
  // Direct match against an integer constant.
  if (IntInit *II = dyn_cast<IntInit>(N->getLeafValue())) {
    // If this is the root of the dag we're matching, we emit a redundant opcode
    // check to ensure that this gets folded into the normal top-level
    // OpcodeSwitch.
    if (N == Pattern.getSrcPattern()) {
      const SDNodeInfo &NI = CGP.getSDNodeInfo(CGP.getSDNodeNamed("imm"));
      AddMatcher(new CheckOpcodeMatcher(NI));

    return AddMatcher(new CheckIntegerMatcher(II->getValue()));
This code seems to retrieve some Node definition based on a naming convention related to the "imm" string.
Are such naming conventions quite common for TableGen target descition input file?
Do I have to rename IMM16Operand into something like imm16Operand?

Thanks in advance.        Dominique Torette.


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