[llvm-dev] failing to optimize boolean ops on cmps

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Fri Jul 14 09:54:25 PDT 2017

> I think you're done when you get everything that you have that fits into a
> model of local transformations and that should be run to a fixed point.

Sure, but to point out what you certainly already know, that's almost every
optimization you can think of in a compiler.
For example, I can do PRE this way with no issue (IE generate optimal
Same with reassociation, most CSE, etc.

A very large set of global stuff can be done by "local transform repeated
until fixpoint is reached". It's just not optimal time-wise.

Certainly an interesting question, but I suspect that the practical answer
> is "what's in InstCombine."

At least to me, that's clearly the wrong answer, because instcombine
already does a lot of non-local stuff that could be done better elsewhere.

> To do more in this sense probably requires some more-general scheme (e.g.
> equality saturation).
>  -Hal
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> Hal Finkel
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