[llvm-dev] How to add custom instrumentation?

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Thanks for the hint, I didn’t know about this option. That’s a great reference!

However, I am trying to be a compiler/language agnostic.
Also (for whatever reasons) I need a numeric ID of a function rather then its address.
So the question is still opened.

May I assume that the following always holds:
The first basic block in a function is an entry point and the last basic block in a function is an exit point

> On 13. Jul 2017, at 10:57, ORiordan, Martin <martin.oriordan at intel.com> wrote:
> The '-finstrument-functions' option may already be sufficient for your needs.
> When selected this inserts the following two calls on entry-to and exit-from a function:
>  __cyg_profile_func_enter(void* this_fn, void* call_site)
>  __cyg_profile_func_exit(void* this_fn, void* call_site)
> You can then provide a custom implementation of these calls to perform the analysis tasks that you require.
> The two parameters are the address of the function into which the instrumentation is inserted, and the address of the call site to the instrumentation function.
> There is an "Execution Trace" implementation of these instrumentation hooks on GitHub called 'eTrace' that may guide you, though I can't recall the link.
> All the best,
>  MartinO
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> Hi everyone,
> I run some functions using ORC JIT, now I need to add custom instrumentation.
> I want to add two callbacks to each function: ‘enterFunction' at the beginning and ‘leaveFunction' at the end.
> Intuition says that I could ‘just' insert CallInst's to the first and the last basic blocks in the function.
> Am I correct? Are there any other/better way to do this? Is there anything special I need to be aware of?
> Thank you.
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