[llvm-dev] Emails to llvm-commits disappearing?

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> Subject: [llvm-dev] Emails to llvm-commits disappearing?
> Hi,
> Anyone else noticing that llvm-commits seems to be very slow or not
> working?
> I sent an email to llvm-commits 25mins ago and I still didn't receive it.

Of course email is not 100% reliable.  There can be congestion and
queuing delays for many reasons, and sometimes it's quite random.
Also there might be corporate email filtering magic that doesn't work
as well as you might like.  There is one mailing list where I receive
email from other members just fine, but anything I post myself comes
back to me with a "potentially fraudulent sender" warning.  :-P

Also, a couple of years ago our corporate IT implemented a global spam
filter that randomly caught LLVM emails, unfortunately it also failed
to notify anyone that it had intercepted something.  I noticed because
I saw threads where someone replied to a message I had not received.
We eventually persuaded IT to fix the broken notifications, after which
I could start retraining the filter.  It works much better now.

> Also, if looking at the llvm-commits archives for the current week:
> http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/llvm-commits/Week-of-Mon-
> 20170703/date.html
> I didn't receive the last two emails:
> [llvm] r307058 - [Orc] Remove the memory manager argument to addModule,
> and de-templatize the   Lang Hames via llvm-commits
> and
> [llvm] r307057 - [AVR] Fix bug which caused assertion errors for some
> FRMIDX instructions   Dylan McKay via llvm-commits
> and neither did my colleague.
> Something weird going on? Anyone else noticing this?

I received these about 30 minutes ago.

> Regards,
> Mikael
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