[llvm-dev] loop induction variables at IR level

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Sun Jul 2 15:07:17 PDT 2017

Hi Archa,

On Sat, Jul 1, 2017 at 9:27 AM, Archa . via llvm-dev
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> My understanding of induction variable is that it drives the loop with fixed
> increment and by comparing it based on a condition (Hope I understood it

It's a bit more general than that, but overall you have the right idea.

> right). I want to extract and print this variable and what it is compared
> to.
> I have been trying to understand the ScalarEvolution and SCEVexpander

To only detect and analyze induction variables, using ScalarEvolution
is sufficient (you don't need SCEVExpander).  You have to get hold of
a ScalarEvolution object (see the implementation of
IndVarSimplifyLegacyPass or IndVarSimplifyPass on how to do that) and
use the ScalarEvolution::getSCEV method to translate an llvm::Value*
to an llvm::SCEV*.  If the llvm::SCEV* you get back is an
llvm::SCEVAddRecExpr* (you can check this by dyn_cast<> or isa<>) then
the llvm::Value* is an induction variable.

-- Sanjoy

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