[llvm-dev] libLTO C API stability policy

Romanova, Katya via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Sep 30 14:42:11 PDT 2016

Hi Mehdi,
Sony is using C API.
Please keep us in the loop!

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> Subject: libLTO C API stability policy
> Hi all,
> libLTO is exposing a very “stable” (in the sense of immutable) C API to be
> used by linkers (and binutils tools) that manipulate bitcode (like when
> performing LTO).
> I’m looking into relaxing the stability concern and design a policy for this API
> that would allow to deprecate and remove some the APIs exposed here.
> The MacOS linker (ld64) is one the users of libLTO, but there are others
> (Sony? Qualcomm? Anyone else?) that I think are also targeting this API.
> I’d like to identify stakeholders so that we can establish a new policy that
> would accomodate everyone as much as possible. So if you care about the
> libLTO C API, please speak-up!
> Thanks,
>> Mehdi

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