[llvm-dev] BoF: Raising Next Generation of LLVM Developers

Vassil Vassilev via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Oct 31 06:20:43 PDT 2016

Dear community,

   We are trying to setup a BoF ( Raising Next Generation of LLVM 
Developers, http://sched.co/8Yzs).

   In our academic-oriented environments the main work force is 
students: undergrads, grads or PhD (rarely postdocs). Often we have 
limited time to bring somebody up to speed and we have to it in a 
productive and motivating for both parties way. I believe most of you 
had (maybe more than once) a task to bring somebody up to speed with 
LLVM and you are well-aware of the challenges.

   Last couple of years it seems difficult to attract talented students. 
It is even more difficult to keep them around long enough to turn the 
mentoring investment into a profit to the organization. This in turn, 
ends with a chicken-and-egg problem from the management point of view. 
It seems that more effective mentoring and multi-organization support 
could have a positive impact on this issue.

   We think dedicating a BoF could kick off a fruitful discussion if we 
get all parties involved. Firstly, sharing experience and getting more 
people interested in mentoring will help. Secondly, asking the 
participating (ex-) students can give us better understanding of the 
daily issues they have/had. Lastly, potentially involving HR people 
could help to transition our best students (or unemployed contributors) 
to more stable positions and thus keeping them around longer.

   We have thought of a several potential directions for this BoF:

   * Discuss how to make contributions to llvm easier. Eg. classify the 
bugs/fixmes for newbies and put them online...

   * Share mentoring experience

   * Start thinking about next GSoC

   * Revisit community OpenProjects web pages.

   * Networking, esp for students, unemployed and HR.

   We would be happy to hear from you ( sorry for the late notice ;( ) 
what do you think. We would be happy to add or change the foreseen 
agenda for the BoF.

   Finally, if you are interested to hear more please come and visit us 
on Thu, 3 Nov, at 3pm (Rm+LL21CD).

Best regards,

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