[llvm-dev] BoF: Debug info for optimized code.

Adrian Prantl via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sun Oct 30 08:53:47 PDT 2016

Debugging optimized code is a topic that generated a lot of
interest at previous dev meetings, but often fell somewhat short
since we've all been very busy with improving the compile-time
performance impact of debug info. This year we'd like to make up
for this by inviting to a dedicated session on just "-O" and "-g"!

We will be giving a quick introduction to summarize the current
state of debug info handling in LLVM and highlight some of the
biggest problem areas.  To get a productive discussion going,
here are some points we'd like to invite you to think about ahead
of time:

* What are the major pain points that you or your customers
  experience? What works — what doesn't?

* Do you have out-of-tree patches that improve the optimized
  debugging experience? What are your experiences with it and
  what are the challenges in upstreaming them?

* We would really like to start tracking debug info quality the
  same way we track code size and performance numbers. What are
  useful metrics for your use-case?

See you all at the dev meeting!

Adrian Prantl
Fred Riss

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