[llvm-dev] Running GlobaISel passes after SelectionDAG instruction selection

Eric Christopher via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Nov 9 22:01:31 PST 2016

> I already have a working prototype where I run SelectionDAG ISel and
> then the InstructionSelector pass right afterwards, but I think to
> make this approach work long-term, we will need to agree that this is a
> supported use case of GlobalISel, and we will also need to start
> building the GlobalISel code by default.
> What do people think about this?
I'm concerned.

The global isel was put in as a way of doing a prototype of the code
without having to worry about long term maintenance of a branch, but
accordingly I don't think it's had the level of scrutiny that we'd have
when wanting to make something the default and supported functionality of
any target.

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