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Thu May 5 01:29:41 PDT 2016

Greetings folks,

I just wanted to post a brief update on the status of the new pass manager.
Philip asked me to do this at last month's social and Life intervened, but
he's still got a great point, so I wanted to get it out there with one day
to spare before he nagged me again. =D

I'll keep it very brief and high level. If folks have questions about
anything, happy to dig into it.

- The core framework is there. It works, and we even have CGSCC passes
using both Module and Function analyses with caching and everything. Yay!
We also have initial loop pass infrastructure thanks to Justin! Yay!

- The biggest missing piece of infrastructure IMO is communicating
invalidation information between two parts of the pass manager itself when
they are operating over the results of an analysis. Both the loop passes
and the CGSCC passes really need this. I'm currently working on this and
hope to finish the first cut at CGSCC stuff for this in a few days.

- The second biggest missing piece is a good system for managing sets of
related analyses for the purpose of invalidation. Justin and I have
discussed using designated enums that form sets, but there hasn't been a
lot of concrete progress here.

- Most of the rest is porting passes. Lots of folks have started to help
here which is great, but there is still likely room for help on this front.
Much of this is independent of the missing infrastructure fortunately. Some
good examples are GVN, SROA, and the LoopInfo passes. Fair warning, CGSCC
passes are *much* harder to port than others and interact with some of the
missing infrastructure. Other passes are much easier IMO.

There may be more that I'm missing, but hopefully this helps people have an
idea of where things are.

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