[llvm-dev] A couple ideas for possible GSoC projects

Philip Reames via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Mar 22 16:43:13 PDT 2016

If there are any students looking for ideas, here a couple of projects 
you might consider.

p.s. Anyone know where in the repo the OpenProjects page is?  I'd 
expected it to be the docs/ folder of the LLVM repo, but it wasn't.

Transactional Memory Optimization
Intel recently introduced transactional memory support in hardware. This 
project would consist of implementing optimizations which are only legal 
inside a transactional region (e.g. removing release fences since all 
stores must appear atomically as seen by other threads.)  This project 
will involved a good amount of research into what the hardware 
guarantees and reasoning about what optimizations that allows.  This 
project is probably best for a student with experience reasoning about 
concurrency at the hardware level.

Thread Local Optimization
A compare-and-swap instruction executed against a location which is 
provably thread local can be converted into a load, test, and store.  
Many other instructions intended for cross thread interaction have 
cheaper variants which apply to thread local locations.  The key part of 
this project will be introducing an analysis (probably based on 
CaptureTracking) to prove memory locations are thread local.  This 
project is probably best for a student with experience reasoning about 
concurrency in software.

Capture Tracking Improvements
Our current capture tracking analysis (see CaptureTracking.cpp) is 
relatively weak and expensive.  It could be improved in a number of ways:
1) Review cases where potentially captured is currently returned for 
possible false positives.  There are a couple of known ones which would 
make good introductory patches.
2) The results could be cached to amortize the cost.  This will require 
careful design to ensure the result is invalidated when appropriate.
3) A more precise analysis could be used to identify object sub-graphs 
which do not escape (despite links between them).
This would be a good project for a student interested in compiler 
analysis with strong skills in designing appropriate data structures for 
the task at hand.

Dereferenceability Analysis
Currently LLVM has a number of places in code which reason about the 
dereferenceability of memory.  This project would involve consolidating 
all of those into a common set of utilities, reviewing each use for 
possibly improvements in compile time and precision, and possibly 
introducing a caching layer (analysis pass) to allow the use of more 
expensive reasoning.

ValueTracking Analysis
ValueTracking is a key analysis framework used by LLVM, but it is 
currently structured as a set of recursive queries with limited depth.  
There is no caching of queries which can result in substantial losses in 
compile time.  Introducing a caching layer (probably in the form of an 
Analysis pass) would be a useful improvement.  However, there are 
significant complications around invalidation of the cached information 
(e.g. simplifyDemandedBits) which will require careful thought and 
design.  This project would probably be best for a student with some 
existing experience in the LLVM code base.

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