[llvm-dev] [ANN] llvmlite 0.9

Antoine Pitrou via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Mar 1 05:56:28 PST 2016


We are happy to release version 0.9.0 of llvmlite.  llvmlite is a
light-weight Python binding for LLVM (compatible with Python 2.6 to
3.5).  It stems from the needs of the Numba community and is geared
towards creating JIT compilers.

llvmlite is available both as source code and as binaries for a number
of platforms.  Source code is available on PyPI and Github:
Binaries for Linux, Windows and OS X are available through the
anaconda.org service and can be downloaded using Continuum's open
source package manager "Conda"
("conda update -c numba llvmlite" or "conda install -c numba llvmlite").

Documentation is at http://llvmlite.pydata.org/en/latest/

There is an adaptation of the Kaleidoscope tutorial for llvmlite by Eli
Bendersky: https://github.com/eliben/pykaleidoscope

This new version features the following fixes and enhancements. The
main change is the switch from LLVM 3.6 to LLVM 3.7.


* PR #73: Add get_process_triple() and get_host_cpu_features()
* Switch from LLVM 3.6 to LLVM 3.7.  The generated IR for some memory
  operations has changed.
* Improved performance of IR serialization.
* Issue #116: improve error message when the operands of a binop have
  differing types.
* PR #113: Let Type.get_abi_{size,alignment} not choke on identified
* PR #112: Support non-alphanumeric characters in type names.


* Remove the libcurses dependency on Linux.



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