[llvm-dev] [IPRA] Do we required more aggressive shrink-wrapping optimization?

vivek pandya via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Jun 28 10:43:46 PDT 2016

Hello Quentin,

I see your work on shrink-wrapping optimization at
IPRA has benefited shrink-wrapping optimization ( I have noticed that on
sqlite3 test-case) so I did read Fred Chow's paper and compare that
approach with yours I did not understand much of your work :-( in
comparison to  original paper but I feel that current approach is not
generating same results as data flow analysis based approach. Also I do not
understand one of your comment on review :

>    1. Right now, we only support one save point and one restore point. At
>    some point we can expand this to several save point and restore point,
> Do you here meant to get more effective results as original paper? With
IPRA should we go for more aggressive version or the current version is as
capable as original paper ?

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