[llvm-dev] dumb question about CG ISel pattern matching

Lawrence, Peter via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Jun 21 19:09:02 PDT 2016

When I have a MOV instruction in my dot-td-file with an explicit pattern

     Def MOV   Format_RR < ,,,,,
           [(set i32:$dst, i32:$src)]>;

then Instruction Selection goes haywire, why is that ?

(I have noticed that other targets get around this by defining their MOV
Instrs with an empty pattern, but that seems weird to me (and it's
undocumented which also seems weird to me))

Unfortunately this is not an idle question, because my target has
separate Address and Data registers I need to add these NOP-ish defs:

     Def MOVDA  Format_RR < ,,,,,
           [(set i32:$dst,  (bitconvert p32:$src))]>;

     Def MOVAD  Format_RR < ,,,,,
           [(set p32:$dst,  (bitconvert i32:$src))]>;

which actually work just fine, but when I also add these
even more NOP-ish defs:

     Def MOVDD  Format_RR < ,,,,,
           [(set i32:$dst,  (bitconvert i32:$src))]>;

     Def MOVAA  Format_RR < ,,,,,
           [(set p32:$dst,  (bitconvert p32:$src))]>;

then I start seeing I-Select going haywire again, why is that ?

By "haywire" I mean -debug-only=isel shows really long lists
of "Match failed at index ###" ending in compilation failure,
which are otherwise really short and don't fail.

--Peter Lawrence.

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