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Dear professor John Criswell

      I would like to implement a new instruction scheduling algorithm so that I need the Data flow graph(DFG) is input of the algorithm.





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Dear Huyite,

Your question, as stated, is too broad to answer.  It would help if your question were more specific; what is it that you want to accomplish?  Are you interested in data flow within SSA virtual registers, or are you interested in data that is stored in memory (which is not in SSA form)?  Are you analyzing code at the LLVM IR level or at the MachineInstr (MI) or MC level?  Are you wanting to print a data-flow graph, or are you developing an analysis that needs to understand a program's data flow in some way?

Without a more specific question, I cannot give a useful answer.


John Criswell

On 6/16/16 9:15 AM, huyite via llvm-dev wrote:

Dear all,

      Please help me to generate DFG(Data flow graph) in LLVM.


Best regards,



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