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> >
> > Yeah, I get that and I actually don't mind keeping a linear history.
> > But we definitely should branch for release.  Given release branches,
> > there are a number of questions and tradeoffs about how to backport
> > changes from master/latest development to a release.  Some of those
> > options break linear history.  This is the kind of workflow stuff we
> > should clarify if possible.
> +1 for branching for official llvm.org releases, and each branch should
> have its own linear history (from its branch point).
> I don’t think we want people’s random projects and development branches on
> llvm.org.  They can clone to repo off to their own fork on github and do
> what they want there.
This and Chris's last post summarize my thoughts on the subject here.

I'm largely agnostic on a move to git or not, however, as far as hosting
services I would prefer github to the others just due to the convenience
with other projects hosted there as well.

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