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> I personally find this email thread very hard to follow and read (this
> isn’t anyones fault.. its just a lot of replies). I am sure others do as
> well. I think it would be good to have a form/survey of some sort that can
> get feedback from users such as: who they are, how they use
> LLVM/contributions/etc,  if they are pro-github move, how it impacts them,
> etc. People could then submit their feedback in an organized way and we
> could get a better idea of how the community feels on the topic.

While I sympathize, I wonder if a survey is appropriate.  It gives equal
weight to all voices but not all voices are equally impacted by the
pros/cons.  I am in favor of a github/lab/etc transition but I've only
lurked on the list and built/tested a couple of releases for older
platforms.  I would think opinions of those who have lots of work with
commits/reviews/content should probably be weighed heavier than mine.
Perhaps the survey could ask for a voluntary high/medium/low activity level
for normalizing the votes?

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