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> > Hi all,
> Hi Jacques,
> > We would like to contribute a new backend for the Lanai processor
> I suppose I can guess from your e-mail address who "we" are?


> > (derived from the processor described in [1]).
> > Lanai is a simple in-order 32-bit processor with:
> Can you say a few words about what this is, in what hardware it appears,
> and how it can be used? Is this the Myricom processor? What version(s)?

This is internal hardware for us, so there's not a lot we can share, and
you can't really grab a version of the hardware. If that's a problem for
the community, I completely understand.

Mostly, I wanted to offer to upstream this because it seems likely about
the same utility as the AMDGPU backend for folks without an AMDGPU, or the
XCore backend, etc. It's small, and we're happy maintaining it and taking
on any of the effort around it. We're also happy with the usual policy of
if the maintainers stop showing up, the backend goes away.

But we're working on the backend a bunch, and it didn't make sense to keep
it walled off. Especially if there is anything that can be reused in other
backends and/or if there is any common infrastructure we need, this makes
it easy to test.

Still, totally up to the community if they want this. =]

Aside from the Clang/LLVM support, what other software, drivers, etc. would
> be needed to make use of this support? What versions of that software?

This is a question for Jacques, I'll let him fill in the details.

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