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> Folks,
> I've created the survey with the feedback I got on the "Voting" thread in 
> the
> llvm-foundation list, and put it here:
> https://goo.gl/forms/k4J7M3N7oLNTOlDq2
> Apparently, I can't allow people to comment on the form itself. It's either 
> full
> permission or nothing. So, I think the best way to do this is to do a review 
> on
> the list, with my most sincere apologies to the anti-spam folks.

IMO this looks good overall, I think the questions are balanced and don't 
encourage any direction themselves.
One minor point while reading (as a non-native speaker): "production product" 
sounds weird :D

A thing that doesn't hit myself but that may affect larger companies with e.g. 
private build bots:
There may be a difference between "impact on developer workflow" (long-term) 
and "one-time impact" (e.g. reconfiguring build bots).
Maybe we can duplicate the question and add an option "No (one-time) impact" 
to the second one?

Thanks for working on the proposal and taking the ungrateful job of conducting 
the survey!
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