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> Sorry for the broadcast, but I’ve been looking for some sort of
> Description somewhere that describes how to limit git to only
> Allowing a strict tree hierarchy among its repositories.  I’ve been
> googling the web, but it’s not clear what keywords to use !

Not sure exactly what you mean here.

Git repositories are independent. You can use git submodule to include one
repository inside another. I don't know what would happen if you included
repo B inside A as a submodule, and then included A inside B as a
submodule. Probably nothing good!

Or, are you talking about *clones* of the same repository? You only want
certain people to be able to clone and/or push to your repo?

You do that using access controls. Git doesn't have any itself. Just use
the OS's read/write access controls to give the appropriate access rights
to the people you want to have them. This applies whether the potential
cloners are local or remote using ssh. If you dont' want to make separate
accounts for everyone then you could make a single "committers" account and
append the ssh public key of all of them to the authorized_keys file (and
disable/don't tell them the password).

Once you've allowed someone to clone your repo, you of course have no
control whatsoever over who *they* give access to, or accept pushes from.
But those 2d level cloners can't push to you, all changes will hav to come
via someone you gave write access to.
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